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About me

Jana Start Finance Now Toolbox

I am Jana, bean counter by heart, stock market enthusiast and globetrotter.

After studying business administration, I spent almost 15 years setting up accounting and controlling structures and implementing financial processes in various companies. From medium-sized companies to start-ups, I have always brought order to the initial chaos and paperwork. My latest startup was a Venture Capital-backed, high-growth AI start-up where I managed a successful A Round and prepared the ground for the upcoming B Round. Now I am working as a freelancer to help as many start-ups as possible to fulfill my mission: No start-up should fail because of finance issues.

With my offers I would like to reach 2 target groups:


Start-ups that might struggle with setting up financial processes or possibly have ignored them for far too long and are now finding themselves in administrative process chaos. I am aware that in the founding phase there is often no time to think about accounting, but this is exactly where the foundations for a commercially strong company and successful financing rounds are laid. Finance is no Rocket Science and with a few tools and structured digital processes, I will help you in setting up the right baseline to be able to make the right business decisions.

I invented a toolbox for start-ups, freelancers and small businesses. All of them are probably way too familiar with the headache of setting up finance processes. My toolbox is the all-in-one finance solution tailored for early-stage organisations that offers templates and guidelines for Accounting set-up, Financial Planning, Cash Planning, Budgeting and much more. The right tool from the start for companies without a big budget.


My second pillar is my heart project! I want to help women become financially independent. Women over 65 get on average 46% less pension than men (OECD study). The risk of retirement-age poverty is very high. There are many possible scenarios, but the most common ones are part-time work or lower income over long periods of time. In addition, we women often do not take care of our finances ourselves. When it comes to money, the only wrong decision is to rely on others, to hope for a pension or to park the money in a zero-interest savings account. Investing money is no Rocket Science and I would like to help you with taking the important first step, such as opening a brokerage account and setting up your first savings plan. No, I am not an investment banker. I am just curious and investing is fun for me.


So ladies, founders, and entrepreneurs roll up your sleeves and Start Finance NOW!

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