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Financial Coaching for Women

Finances for women

This is a project close to my heart! Simply because I keep hearing the same thing from friends, colleagues, and female family members over and over again: "I can't save anything", "I don't know how to invest", "Investing is only for people with a college education", and so on and so forth. I have been talking about this until getting blue in the face and that's why I'm going viral with this now. I want to help women of all ages, education levels, or any other backgrounds become financially independent. The risk of poverty in old age is very high: Women over 65 get on average 46% less pension than men (OECD study). Reasons for this are that women are more frequently employed part-time work or work on lower salaries over the course of their careers. 
In addition, women often do not take care of their finances themselves. However, the only wrong decision you can take when it comes to money is to rely on other people's bad advice, hope for a pension or park all your money in a savings account. If women are capable of masterfully organizing so many areas of their lives, then it is now time to unlock their potential in organizing their finances as well.
I want to take the important first steps with you together, such as opening a custody account and setting up your first savings plan. No, I am not an investment banker. I'm just curious and investing is fun for me.

Finance is the new sexy

Investing is sexy, smart, and gives you independence. You may have heard it before: Your money isn’t growing on your savings account and is instead eaten up by inflation. So you will be burning money and as a consequence are ill-prepared for your wildest years in retirement.

If we want to spend our earned pension carefree with travels, beauty, and the finer things in life, we cannot ignore the possibilities funds, ETFs, or shares provide. I want to prevent women from falling into retirement poverty or financial dependency by turning ignorance into knowledge. Maybe you have already read one or the other guidebook but still just don't dare? I can help you take these first steps towards your own financial independence. The conventional wisdom is that the stock market is risky, but I am convinced that NOT investing is actually an even bigger risk.
First, let's clear up the prejudices. I hear the following assumptions and questions over and over again. I'll try to answer the most important ones briefly and in a plain way:

My gift to you

I recorded a video for you. It shows you how to open a portfolio, search for stocks, ETFs, or other securities. I will also show you how to set up a savings plan.

Okay, you are still not convinced and don’t dare to touch this subject? Then we can arrange an individual appointment. I will help you with taking the first step. I will support you in finding the right products for you, show you what you should look out for and how you can put together a portfolio with a balanced risk level for the beginning. I will accompany you on your journey towards financial independence. Where and how much you invest is up to you. Please note that I do not give investment advice.  

My offers for you